Cryptographic Identity Services
Securing the Connected World


Makes a device instantly available through HTTPS.
It's a new way to verify user authorizations and access privileges!

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What’s in a crypto-ID?

  • Publicly trusted SSL certificate
  • Matching private key
  • Blockchain ledger
  • Proxy
  • Our Story Ltd. helps people and devices connect securely in the enterprise, at home, at the doctor's, and on the go. coined the term, “Cryptographic Identity as a Service,” (CIDaaS). provides encrypted, decentralized, multi-factor identity verification for large groups of users and devices. Established in 2015 by Zeev Glozman, is a security framework for the connected world.

  • Your Security uses widely-accepted TLS technology in beame-crypto-ID. does not assign meaning to the beame-crypto-ID which it provides as a service. safefguards the enterprise from breaches of user identity databases. relies on cryptographic proof of possession of the private key, and the private key never leaves the device it belongs to.

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    Sophia Tupolev

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    One day, encryption will be standard for all communications and information. Trusted personal and corporate devices will enable control of this data. Only the user will have access to the keys. Smart, block-based crypto will ensure access control.

    See more about our vision (PDF, 276 Kb)

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