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    Introducing beame-insta-ssl

    Securely expose your own computer or server to the web — it's free!

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    • A fully qualified domain (FQDN)

    • A publicly trusted SSL certificate

    • Tunneling capability

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How you can use it

Expose your local development server to any device or browser with SSL terminated at your local workstation.

To terminate or not? The choice is yours

  • Terminating tunnel

    There is no need to install Beame certs into your existing server. beame-insta-ssl will obtain the certificate and tunnel this through HTTP to your own server.

  • Non-terminating tunnel

    Requires the installation of the certificates obtained for you by beame-insta-ssl into your existing server, requires use of the beame-insta-ssl in non-terminating mode.

About beame-insta-ssl

Beame-insta-ssl is an open source, zero-knowledge, free tool to securely expose any development machine or server to the outside world with its very own SSL certificate.

The machine running the server does not need to have a public IP address and no configuration is required in the DNS. The solution works with any HTTP or HTTPS server, the difference is in the use of a terminating vs. a nonterminating tunnel.


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