• Introducing

    the beame-gatekeeper
    Beyond VPN

    Crypto-ID on mobile lets you in with seamless pairing!

    beame-gatekeeper allows authenticated access to systems using a cryptographic identity on your mobile device. This instantly makes IoT devices or on-premises software products accessible by adding HTTPS server functionality. There is no need for firewalls, nor DNS configuration!

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  • How?

    We made a new breed of ID-cryptographic identity that lives on your mobile. And it’s easy to put a super-secure cryptographic identity on mobile and IoT devices. We never hold any of your keys. So now the device can prove it has the right credentials without revealing them. No more sensitive databases.

  • Awesome Features

    ● Bilateral authentication
    ● End-to-end encryption
    ● Extend access to web without dedicated VPN tunnel/equipment
    ● Enhanced security with private keys and multi-factor authentication
    ● Instant provisioned access to authorized individuals
    ● Access verification with an encrypted picture

What’s in a crypto-ID?

  • Publicly trusted SSL certificate
  • Matching private key
  • Blockchain ledger
  • Proxy